Employee Management

The Employee Module keeps track of all your Employee Data, including Advances, Advances History, Certificates, Right Access etc. This module also keeps track of Active and Deactivated (previous employee not now present) Employees. If your company employee number is big, this module helps to ease with those data that are difficult to include. Just click 'Upload Employees', download the template and fill up your employees necessary fields then choose that file and click just Import button. N.B. Please provide your employees required and right information. Search Employee by Name, Employee ID, Email, Phone etc and you can download your Employee List on Export to.
The Advance Payment tab: It allows an employee to request for an advance payment from the salary if needed. The particular employee can make a request through this tab, and the admin/manager evaluates it and can grant/decline employees request from this tab and keeps the record of such decisions.
Advance History provides all of data of Employees Advance payments such as 'Advance given', 'Advance return', 'Balance' and you can export history report with docx or pdf format.
Bequent has a very user friendly Employee Profile menu which provides full information of an employee such as personal info, Attendance, Leave and Settings option to change your password.
This option allows you to decide which employee is given to what level of authorization. For example: if you recruit a new HR, you just go to the “ACCESS RIGHTS” tab and grant proper access to that particular HR with what authorization and access level you desire to.