All types of salary related inquiries have being merged in this payroll module. This management system contains standard reports like department wise gross salary, total deduction, net salary, monthly employee salary, company wise salary etc. Bonus payments are also automated by Bequent payroll system. Other reports like last month salaries, monthly department salary, bonus payment, salary increments. Bequent web payroll system makes your payroll process very simple & you can import the processed data into your accounting software.
Salary processing can be done in a few easy steps. You can process full company salary with a simple click of a button. Also you can process salary department wise and also employee wise. This also allows you to add multiple categories for an employee like Home Allowance, TADA etc. And all of the categories are automatically added or deducted from salary. You can modify the automatically calculated data and it will automatically recalculate the net salary.
You can download your salary payslip if you want. Also it will send a copy of the payslip through email to the employee when you process the salary of that employee.
Bonus payments are also automated by Bequent payroll system. It allows the system by creating a category in which contains the format and amount of the bonus payment. By selecting an employee and create and create a bonus for that employee with a click.
You can provide increment from the payroll system without editing the basic salary of an employee. This helps you to find salary increment history of an employee. You need to provide an amount and an effective date; and the system will automatically add the incremented amount with basic salary on that effective date.